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    Brief Introduction -Nicky Pelton

I have had the great fortune of returning to student life in my 50's - to study 'Fine Art' in Cumbria.


Following careers in management, administration and marketing - working for various organisations, including universities and schools, and developing an array of skills including management, leadership, problem solving, and project management - it was time for change.  So using past experiences and the skills I now have - I am able to turn my interest of drawing and painting (with mini achievements along the way such a winning a Blue Peter badge), into a future career as an artist.

I have worked for employers, been self employed and worked in consultancy roles - I believe many of the skills I have, are transferable and therefore an asset going forward to achieving a BA in Fine Art in 2022.


There have been hurdles along the way - there always are in life - but the sense of artistic achievement to date has been very rewarding.  Do not let others create doubt in your dreams and where possible keep going - and then you can look back and see how far you have travelled....

Taking advantage of the opportunities available as a 'Fine Art' student I have worked on some truly inspiring projects while networking with many influential and creative individuals along the way. I now believe in the fact that is never too late to create wonderful art.

Art works to date include - Sculptures, Collages, Paintings, Ceramics, Photography, Figure Drawing and Print. 


The latest body of artwork are the tactile quirky life sized Sculptures, a combination of the skills developed and a growing confidence. I am an artist - I have developed a method in the way I work, and this will now  be used for future sculptures - I have direction !! ... watch this space !!

For more information about my career progression, past projects, and current work portfolio, get in touch today.

Work can be seen in the upcoming degree show  -  University of Cumbria, Brampton Road, 

Carlisle from the 6th to the 13th of June 2022.

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